Clinics Positioned to Treat Dual-Diagnosis Conditions Help Many Overcome Addiction

Overcoming addiction is rarely easy, partly because the true cause of the problem often goes unrecognized. Many people who struggle with substance abuse also suffer from mental health issues that contribute to their destructive patterns of behavior.

Diagnosing and treating mental health conditions can be a key to bringing substance abuse under control. As resources found online at and other sites reveal, a dual diagnosis and corresponding treatment plan can easily make a real difference.

Mental Health Problems Often Contribute to Substance Abuse

People have been diagnosing and medicating themselves for thousands of years, sometimes without even being specifically aware of it. Reflexively reaching for an over-the-counter medication might not normally be harmful, but there are close analogs that can be truly dangerous.

Many people who grapple with mental health issues without consciously realizing it, for instance, end up trying to ease the pain with the use of intoxicating substances. It can seem as if the addiction that ensues were an independent problem, leaving the true cause to go without diagnosis.

There are quite a few types of mental health challenges that frequently lead to addiction in those who experience them. Some of those that most often do so are:

  • Depression. Experiencing clinical depression is far more common than it should be, and many who become chronically depressed resort to substance abuse. The feelings of worthlessness and pessimism that often characterize depression can make substance abuse feel like the only realistic way out.
  • Anxiety. Felling intensely anxious about everyday situations is not normal, but it becomes the default for many people each year. Substance abuse can take the edge off chronic, undiagnosed anxiety such that it starts to seem like the best way to respond.

A Dual Diagnosis Requires a Corresponding Type of Treatment

Looking into whether a mental health issue is contributing to substance abuse can easily be one of the most productive, positive moves of all. When it becomes clear that addiction and mental health problems exist simultaneously, developing an appropriate response should always be the top priority. Doing so can easily turn out to be the breakthrough that so many who struggle with addiction seek but never make.

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