Maintaining Jawbone Density: A Major Reason for Choosing Dental Implants

Dentists encourage patients who need to have teeth extracted to choose dental implants instead of bridges or dentures if they can afford to do so. Dental implants have important advantages compared with other options, but most dental insurance policies cover only a certain percentage or none of the costs. Anyone interested in having one or more dental implants may start by finding contact information at

Maintaining Jawbone Density

A major reason dentists advocate for implant placement is that those artificial teeth roots maintain bone density in the jaw. They do so by providing stimulation for the jawbone when the person chews relatively vigorously. The body uses up bone cells over time, and stimulation is essential for the production of new ones. Otherwise, bone density and strength will start to be lost in the jaw.

Weight-Bearing Activity

This is the same principle underlying recommendations for people to get regular weight-bearing exercise in the form of walking, playing tennis, and climbing stairs. This is especially beneficial for older individuals, particularly so for women after menopause. Because of hormonal changes, women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis. The bones become porous and fragile, increasing the risk of fractures. Like walking is a weight-bearing activity for the legs and spine, chewing is a weight-bearing action for the jaw.

Relevant Research

Research has verified how important relatively vigorous chewing is for jawbone density. For example, a study that was published in 2006 found benefits of chewing gum for building jawbone density. In fact, people who are concerned about their jawbone density for any reason might want to chew sugar-free gum now and then for this very effect. Doing so can help clean teeth when brushing is not convenient. It also stimulates the production of saliva, which has protective effects for the teeth.

Getting Started

Without natural or artificial roots in parts of the jawbone where teeth are missing, shrinking tends to begin because there is no direct stimulation in these places. Dental implants prevent this functional and cosmetic problem. A dentist who offers this service can evaluate the patient’s dental health and explain how the entire process works.

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