Three Features of hard shell rooftop tents for car camping

Car camping is gaining in popularity because it allows a person to camp wherever they can park their car, without having to rely on needing a campground or space to set up a tent. It is also much more economical than purchasing a full motor home or a recreational vehicle. Hard-shell tents are one type of rooftop tent on the market. Three features of hard shell rooftop tents for car camping are the styles, materials, and lifts available to choose from.

Hard-Shell Styles

Hard-shell rooftop tents come in two main styles. One style is called the wedge. It is designed with a hinge at the front and a high ceiling at the head. When expanded, the top is slanted which makes it ideal for inclement weather. Rain and snow are diverted by the roof slant. The other style is called the pop-up. In this style, the entire upper half is raised equally. It does not fare as well in inclement weather, but there is more interior room.

Hard-Shell Materials

Two types of materials can be used to make the shell of a hard-shell rooftop tent. Fiberglass is strong and lightweight. It is able to withstand less than ideal conditions on the road and on the trail. However, it is susceptible to cracking if struck by a heavy object. Aluminum is able to withstand greater impacts and is strong as well. However, it weighs more than fiberglass and can contribute to increased fuel costs when traveling.

Hard-Shell Lifts

Lifts are used for a hard-shell rooftop tent in order to raise and lower it. There are two choices when it comes to the type of lift. One is the mechanical lift. This is a robust and reliable lift that can withstand a lot of weight and harsh weather conditions. The other is the gas assist lift. It allows for a quick and efficient set up of the tent with minimal effort. It is also smaller, so it conserves interior space.

When a person desires to take up car camping, a hard-shell rooftop tent is a great choice. With different choices available for style, material, and lift type, there is a hard-shell rooftop tent out there that can meet any person’s needs and desires. A person should examine each one before making their final decision, then have it installed correctly. After this is completed, they will be ready to get outside and spend time in nature.

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