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Employee Recognition Ideas in Small Businesses

Different people own different businesses. The main aim which these people to run these businesses is to make profits. Motivation of employees helps them to be active at work and hence make a lot of profit. Appreaciation and recognition of employees makes them be motivated. Employees are not often motivated by their employers. Thanking employees after their hard work is not enough to motivate them. A number of ideas of appreciating employees should be employed by business owners for the employees to be motivated. Some of the employee recognition ideas are discussed in this article.

Celebrating the birthdays of your employees is one of the ways of recognizing your employees. Most employers who have a lot of employees find this idea expensive. Celebration of birthdays makes ideas feel appreciated at a personal level. With birthdays, the individuals will feel appreciated and no one will feel bad. When using this idea, it is not a must to waste a lot of money. For example, you can decide to just buy a cake. Doing this will make employees love you as well as love what they do.

Another way of appreciating employees is giving them custom awards. Employees feel appreciated on a personal level with custom awards since they are personalized. You can decide to give custom awards to employees with the best reports. For example, custom awards can be given to salesmen with the highest sales. It is good when custom awards are given to employees on a regular basis. It is good when custom awards are given as a surprise.

You can employ the idea of takeout Tuesdays as a way of appreciating employees. When employing this idea, it is not a must for you to choose a Tuesday since any day can be a perfect day for the idea. As staff members, you will need to decide on a special meal that you will be taking that particular day. For easy work, a meal calendar for all weeks can be decided upon. A certain amount of money needs to be contributed by employees on a monthly basis to avoid overspending. To ensure that no employee feels left out, you need to encourage them to do so.

Another employee recognition idea is casual or themed Fridays. Casual Fridays is an idea which allows employees to wear casual clothes on Fridays. Themed Fridays can be employed in businesses where employees are used t dressing casually on Fridays. With themed Fridays, all people decide on particular outfits to wear on Fridays. Above are some of the ways of appreciating employees in small businesses.

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