Why Many Couples Choose Exclusive Venues For Their Wedding

Planning a wedding is a special time for the two people that have made a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, and one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the venue choice. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the venue, and it will depend on the couple and their style. Below are a few aspects to consider for a couple that is wanting a unique and luxurious experience with family and friends for their wedding day.


More and more couples are choosing to have their wedding at an exclusive location because they only want to be surrounded by their family and close friends. Unfortunately, hotels and many other venues do not offer this, but Clevedon Hall does. The whole house, with its 25 bedrooms, beautiful gathering rooms, and the team of staff are only available to the wedding party and their guests for the duration of time the venue is requested for.

Quality Food

The food at exclusive locations is superb, as the chefs are highly trained and use only the freshest and finest ingredients for their many dishes they prepare. These chefs are very versatile, in that they can accommodate various guests regarding their diets and taste buds. They will meet with the couple to go over the menu various times and will offer tastings paired with specific wines.

Beautiful Atmosphere

Many couples choose a venue because of its beauty, since there will be many photos taken to commemorate the day, and the venue mentioned above is breathtaking. The outside, with its many water features, gardens, ponds, and gazebos make for beautiful and romantic pictures for the bridal party and their guests. The inside of the manor is equally beautiful with the many designs and decor of the various rooms and gathering spaces available.

Weddings are intimate to many couples and should be celebrated in a space that is exclusive only to them and their guests. Securing a private location is desired by many for the reasons listed above, as well as such locations are truly beautiful and memorable.

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