Month: July 2021

Sonic Hearing Aids: Regaining Your Balance

If you?ve reached that point in life where you know you?re not hearing things as clearly as you used to, and are having to ask people to repeat themselves more an more frequently, or to turn up the TV volume so much that the rest of your family finds it irritating, it may be time for you to seek have a hearing exam.

A visit to the audiologist will enable you to determine the degree and cause of your hearing problem, and whether or not it will be helped with a hearing aid. If your doctor recommends a hearing aid, you might inquire about Sonic hearing aids.

Sonic Hearing Aids Technology

Sonic hearing aids from Sonic Innovations in Scotland offer numerous features to assist a first-time hearing aid users in adjusting to hearing the world though Sonic hearing aids. Sonic Innovations? S.M.A.R.T. Technology will continually measure and adjust to the sounds your surroundings, so that when they change you will still be able to distinguish soft sounds without being overwhelmed by louder ones.

Sonic hearing aids provide a sophisticated noise reduction feature which lessens both laud and faint background noises and, like the S.M.A.R.T. technology, constantly monitors your surroundings to establish the level of noise reduction requires. There?ll be less of it in quiet areas and more in loud ones.

Some Sonic hearing aids have the DIRECTIONALfocus system, which will permit you to enjoy enhanced conversation in crowded noisy environments. You?ll be able to adjust your Sonic hearing aids to focus in the direction of a speaker, magnifying the sound from that area while reducing the sounds from beside and in back of you. DIRECTIONALfocus is appropriate for both one-on-one and large group conversations.

Sonic Heairng Aids: The Balance Line

The Balance line of Sonic hearing aids provides both a variety of listening programs among which you can select depending on your environment and a Universal Listening Program feature if you would prefer not to have to keep switching programs.

The Balance Sonic hearing aids will, when in their Universal Listening Program mode, do all the necessary adjustments for you as you move from environment to environment. ?Set it, and forget it.?

For first-time hearing aid wearers, the experience of squealing and whistling feedback can be extremely annoying. The Balance Sonic hearing aids have a technology which eliminates the whistling by feedback cancellation. It frees both you and those nearby from the unpleasant feedback effects.

Balance Sonic hearing aids also offer optional volume control and an optional telecoil for maximizing your hearing aid performance during telephone calls. The Balance line is available in a wide variety of models.