Finding Comfort With Your Favorite Pass Time

May 7, 2021 book shopping

My definition of a good book is something that is not true, we have enough real life don't we? I like a book to be entertaining, one that can take you to places where you actually feel you know and like the characters in the book itself. I love James Patterson books, I think I have read every single book he has written.

The Alex Cross and Lindsey Boxer books are a good example of characters that I have come to know and enjoy reading about. Every new book that he writes about them is on a different adventure in their lives, this is so enjoyable to me. He captures me from page one till I am done with the book. I always look ahead to see what new book may be coming out that James Patterson has written.

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, was one of the best books I have ever read. It was very unlike James Patterson's normal novels but so involved that it made you have many different reactions. I laughed, cried, was happy and sad, I enjoyed every single minute. It is a book that you can read in a couple hours but it will be a very enjoyable couple of hours. They even made a movie on this book, you may have seen it. Actually, they have made a few movies on his books.

Another thing that is nice about James Patterson's books are that the chapters are very short so it's easy to pick up and read a little bit if you don't have a lot of time. If you are anything like me you hate to stop reading in between chapters which limits our reading time.

Reading is a great way of getting away from the craziness in your day. If you haven't read any of James Patterson's books then I hope you give them a try. Make sure you start on book one though, then you will have a series of books that I know you will be anxious to read.